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  • MRI & CT anatomy, reference atlases
  • Peripheral Nerves & Embryonic Development, didactic videos
  • Portable instruction, via smart phone web apps

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MRI Courseware

Canine MRI Atlas
Use this web site to interpret MRI images of canine head, neck, thorax, abdomen (male & female), and pelvis (male & female) regions. Each region can be viewed in transverse (axial), sagittal, and dorsal planes. Each image has accompanying labels that can be toggled on/off. The mouse or keyboard may be used to navigate through the images and toggle the appearance of labels. At all times, single-key navigation executed by Return/Enter is available: regions [h / n / t / a / p], planes [x / s / d], gender [m / f], and position within an image set [1...9 (10...90%)]. The MRI images are proton-density-weighted, obtained from embalmed, latex injected cadavers. (Note: the face region of the head is still under development.)

Canine Head Transections (MRI & CT Slide Show)
This web app presents a slide show of MRI and CT axial (transverse plane) images through the head of an embalmed, latex-injected, brachycephalic, mongrel canine cadaver. The web app enables users to explore planar head anatomy thoroughly and to compare MRI vs CT views at each transverse level. MRI and CT images are synced during rostral-caudal navigation, which can be manual or automatic (at an adjustable rate). During manual navigation, MRI labels may be displayed (using a button or the spacebar). The keyboard can be used for navigation (arrow keys) and to toggle MRI/CT display (shift key). The auto navigation mode gives students an overview of head planar anatomy. The MRI labels that become available during manual navigation provide detailed identification.

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Narrated Video Screencasts

Peripheral Nervous System Highlights
Narrated synopses (screencasts) highlighting the carnivore Peripheral Nervous System are presented as streaming .mp4 video clips. The video topics are: PNS vs CNS Divisions; Neuron and Neurohistology (background information); Spinal Nerves; Cranial Nerves; and Autonomic Nervous System.

Developmental Anatomy (Embryology) Highlights
Developmental Anatomy content is presented through a series of narrated .mp4 video clips (screencasts). Taken together, the series of screencasts constitutes an online Introductory Embryology course. Initial units presenting gametogenesis, fertilization, early embryogenesis, and placentation are followed by screencasts concerning development of the various body systems.

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Smart Phone Web Apps

Veterinary Urinalysis Interpretation Quiz
Use this web app to self-assess your ability to correctly interpret canine and feline urinalysis results. Following direct or random case selection, multiple choice questions regarding interpretation of the urinalysis results are presented. Buttons are available to view the results, to choose or reveal the correct answer, and to display normal canine or feline urinalyses for comparison. (The web app was designed for smart phones, but it works as well for tablet or computer screens.)

Locate Neurological Lesions Guide
Clinical neuroanatomy and clinical syndromes are presented in the context of a web app Guide for locating neurological lesions of a destructive nature. The Guide is intended to motivate veterinary students to use their neuroanatomy knowledge to diagnose locations of destructive neurological lesions. The Guide presents pertinent terminology, regional neuroanatomy and descriptions of clinical syndromes. Neuroanatomy images may be tapped/clicked to toggle (show/hide) labels.

mobile MRI Brain Atlas
This web app presents proton-density-weighted MRI images paired with brain-transection images of a dog brain. The app is intended to provide quick access to canine brain MRI anatomy through a smart phone. Particular brain levels are accessible via a Gallery Menu (tap a small image) or a List Menu (tap a text button). At each level, a button toggles between MRI and brain section images. Labels per image can be switched on/off by tapping the image (or a Show/Hide button). Rostral/caudal buttons are available for navigation to adjacent levels. This web app can be viewed on a smart phone, a tablet, or a computer screen.

Developmental Anatomy Highlights
This version of Embryology Highlights is a web app designed for smart phones & tablets. The narrated video presentations (screencasts) constitute an online Introductory Embryology course, subdivided into compact units. Initial units presenting fertilization, early embryogenesis, and placentation are followed by content units pertaining to body systems

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Veterinary Developmental Anomalies
This web site presents Dr. V. S. Cox's collection of veterinary developmental anomaly images. The images are organized by system and by region. Anomaly commentaries and links to PDF descriptions of normal developmental anatomy are included.

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