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Forebrain Syndromes

Case: 213778
Signalment: Feline, DSH, Mc, 1 yr
Signs: attacks tail
Diagnosis: "Tail biter" mentally deranged
Case: 214836
Signalment: Canine, Pug, F, 1 yr
Signs: mentally dull; depressed hopping & proprioception reactions
Diagnosis: Encephalitis
Case: 215125
Signalment: Canine, Boxer, F, 8 wk
Signs: blindness; dome head
Diagnosis: Congenital Hydrocephalus
Case: 274955
Name: Oscar
Signalment: Canine, Shih Tzu, Mc, 5 yr
Signs: mentally dull; ataxic gait; decreased pes proprioception
Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus
Case: 287768
Name: Bugsy
Signalment: Canine, WHW Terrier, M, 13 yrs
Signs: mentally dull; decreased conscious proprioception;
also, ruptured right cruciate ligament
Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus

Hindbrain Syndromes

Case: 212402
Name: Paco
Signalment: Canine, Springer Spaniel, M,
Signs: ataxic gait; tendency to fall; head tremor
Diagnosis: Cerebellar Syndrome
Case: 213667
Name: Casey
Signalment: Feline, Siamese, , 4 yr
Signs: head tilt; nystagmus
Diagnosis: Vestibular syndrome
Case: 213890
Name: Toby
Signalment: Feline, DLH, Mc, 5 yr
Signs: head tilt
Diagnosis: Vestibular syndrome
Case: 214079
Name: Crosby
Signalment: Canine, Black Lab, Fs, 6 yr
Signs: head tilt, stumbling
Diagnosis: Vestibular syndrome
Case: 214770
Name: Jake
Signalment: Canine, Gold. Retriever, Mc, 7 yr
Signs: drooling, facial paralysis, nystagmus
Diagnosis: Facial paralysis & vertical nystagmus

Spinal Cord Syndromes

Case: 211375
Signalment: Canine, Rottweiler, F,
Signs: pelvic limb paresis and proprioception deficit
Diagnosis: Thoracolumbar Spinal Damage (Postsurgical)
Case: 214118
Signalment: Canine, Rottweiler, Fs, 1 yr
Signs: pelvic limb ataxia; decreased proprioception; back pain
Diagnosis: Thoracolumbar disc herniation
Case: 214249
Name: Max
Signalment: Canine, G. Shepherd, M, 7 yr
Signs: pelvic limb weakness & depressed proprioception
Diagnosis: Pelvic limb ataxia
Case: 287137
Name: Samantha
Signalment: Feline, DMH, Fs, 6 yr
Signs: tetraplegia; cervical soft tissue swelling;
crossed extensor reflex response
Diagnosis: Cervical fibrosarcoma
Case: 287597
Name: Rosemary
Signalment: Canine, Dachshund, Fs, 3 yr
Signs: pelvic limb weakness and ataxia
Diagnosis: Intervertebral disc herniation (T13-L1)
Case: 287628
Name: Bootie
Signalment: Canine, Chihuahua, F, 1 yr
Signs: spastic hemiparesis (left side)
Diagnosis: Cervical myelopathy due to disc herniation
Case: 289049
Name: Puckett
Signalment: Canine, Husky Mix, Mc, 9 yrs
Signs: pelvic limb spasticity and bunny-hop gait
Diagnosis: Soft tissue sarcoma

Peripheral Nerve Syndromes

Case: 213290
Name: Midgette
Signalment: Canine, Drahar, F, 9 mon
Signs: dropped elbow; unable to extend carpus or bear weight
Diagnosis: Radial nerve paralysis
Case: 213354
Name: Chad
Signalment: Canine, Golden Retriever, Mc, 6 yr
Signs: drooling; dropped jaw; reduced facial sensation
Diagnosis: Trigeminal Nerve Palsy
Case: 214786
Name: Libbby
Signalment: Canine, Gold. Retriever, Fs, 3 yr
Signs: cannot close mouth
Diagnosis: Dropped jaw syndrome
Case: 215410
Signalment: Canine, Airedale, M, 7 yr
Signs: dropped jaw
Diagnosis: Trigeminal Nerve Palsy
Case: 286333
Name: Monet
Signalment: Feline, DSH, Mc, 4 yr
Signs: quadraplegia
Diagnosis: Polyneuropathy of unknown cause

Metabolic Syndromes & Seizures

Case: 211710
Signalment: Feline, DSH, Mc, 8 yr
Signs: pelvic limb weakness & gait alteration
Diagnosis: Diabetic polyneuropathy
Case: 214976
Signalment: Canine, G. Retr. Mix, Fs, 7 yr
Signs: paresis; reduced palpebral reflex; response to medication
Diagnosis: Myasthenia Gravis
Case: 290154
Name: Max
Signalment: Canine, Yellow Lab, Mc, 9 yr
Signs: pelvic limb weakness
moderate response to Tensilon
Diagnosis: Myasthenia gravis
Case: 290229
Name: Luc
Signalment: Canine, Cavalier KC Spaniel, M, 7 mons
Signs: spastic gate; episode of head tilt and falling
Diagnosis: Hypertonic Myopathy (Episodic Falling)