Lab: Cerebellum
This website presents Lab6: Cerebellum content derived from the Lab Manual for the CVM 6120 Veterinary Neurobiology course.

The site displays cerebellar images in color and provides additional views and additional information about the cerebelllum.
Please click on the image to the right.
Cerebellar Lab Objectives:

    A. Identify anatomical regins and divisions of the cerebellum, including three cerebellar peduncles
         and three cerebellar nuclei.

    B. Identify the three layers and major neuron types of the cerebellar cortex. Describe the neuronal
         circuitry of the cerebellar cortex.

    C. Describe major afferent and efferent fibers projections to and from the cerebellum. Tell where
         they synapse and in what peduncles they run.

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