Lab 19 - Image 9
cadaver image

Dorsolateral view (top) and lateral view (bottom) of a cat penis. Spines are present on the free part of the penis (1); the tip is covered by the glans of the penis. Notice the prepuce (2), retractor penis m. (3) and the body of the penis (4). The root of the penis features ischiocarvernosus m. (5) covering the crus of the penis bilaterally and the bulbospongiosus m. (6) covering the bulb of the penis.

Also identify: bulbourethral glands (7), post-prostatic urethra covered by urethralis m. (8), prostate gland surrounding the prostatic urethra (9), ductus deferens (10) and pre-prostatic urethra (11).

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