Cranial Nerve Nuclei Quizzes

Quiz: Associate Cranial Nerve Nuclei with Corresponding Nuclear Names.

Quiz: Associate Cranial Nerve Nuclei with Corresponding Cranial Nerves.

Quiz: Associate Cranial Nerve Nuclei with Cranial Nerve Fiber-Types.

Quiz: Associate Cranial Nerve Nuclei with Innervation Targets.

Explain: Cranial Nerve Nuclei: Innervation Targets, Nerves, & Fiber-Types.

Anatomically, cranial nerve nuclei are interrupted columns of brainstem gray matter (profiles of the columns in brainstem sections are designated nuclei). Cranial nerve efferent nuclei contain the cell bodies of neurons that send axons into cranial nerves (efferent nuclei also contain interneurons). Cranial nerve afferent nuclei are composed of interneurons and projection neurons that receive synaptic input from afferent axons of cranial nerves.

For each nucleus, students are expected to know: 1] the name of the nucleus; 2] the cranial nerve(s) associated with the nucleus (the nerve(s) that receive efferent axons from the nucleus or that convey afferent axons to the nucleus); 3] the fiber-type associated with the nucleus; and 4] structures innervated by the nucleus via the cranial nerves. The animated quiz options listed above allow you to practice learning these particulars about each cranial nerve nucleus.

NOTE: With the exception of taste, these quizzes excludes nuclei associated with special senses (olfaction, vision, hearing, and vestibular nuclei).

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